Editorial, “ Best ideas from LePage’s welfare consultant lifted word-for-word from someone else’s work ”:

A million-dollar Leplagerism. Who would have thought?

— Swifty Morgan

Ha! Typical bumbling, stumbling. Now with some blatant plagiarism thrown in.

This whole episode with the “Alexander Group” has stunk from the very beginning.

The most incredible fact to take from this is how the LePage club keeps finding ways to defend and support these charlatans.

I understand partisanship, but when you support this kind of boldfaced dishonesty, you lose all credibility.

— stringah

Yet another reason for yet another FBI investigation of this administration.

— itmainer

Why am I not surprised? As a college teacher, I am struck how much plagiarism occurs when the last essay is overdue. I guess old habits die hard.

— Jim davitt

I’m shocked! How could this be from a governor who’s all about accountability and transparency? Just shocked, I tell ya.

— newmix

How ironic. The ones accusing others of scamming and stealing are guilty of those exact misdeeds. Funny how that works.

— wolfndeer

That the report turns out to be a cut-and-paste job, worthy of a less-than ethical high school senior, should not be a surprise. This is a LePage initiative we’re talking about. The man defines inept, vindictive failure.

— HRPuffnstuf

Guess this is the quality of work one should expect from a case of corporate welfare. Has Alexander had an EBT card with his picture on it issued for collecting his benefits? I want a refund.

— nmarvin1958

The examples of crudeness and unethical conduct keep coming, but, unfortunately, Maine’s anti-government, “I don’t trust the media, and I don’t read things” crowd combined with the business community — which supports LePage’s policies, if not the man — combine for at least 38 percent of the vote and maybe 40 percent. It’s going to be very close in November.

— EC

I sincerely hope there is accountability for this blatant fraud. Our governor is not a team player and is impulsive.

— Idomybest

So, what this is saying is, We, the taxpayers of Maine, just paid $1 million for a report that wouldn’t pass muster as an academic senior thesis.

Correct me if I am wrong, but that is a very sad state of affairs.

— Tom Harvell

Now we not only see Alexander is bad at math but also bad at rephrasing text. … Meanwhile the fan base attempts to convince us otherwise through overused one liners. The fact remains this whole thing was a huge waste of money and has no savings to show from it.

Roro Crumbesium

How is it that Americans for Progress got beat out by the Alexander Group for this wonderful no-bid study paid for with taxpayer money? AFP could do the job without copying and pasting.

— friendofcaptainote