May 21, 2018
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Monday, May 26, 2014: Minimum wage, MOO milk, 9/11 museum gift shop

The humor is free

Having seen an article about a gift shop at the new 9/11 museum, I got to thinking about gift shops. They are everywhere, including probably Heaven and Hell, as I expect to find out. Why are gift shops called gift shops anyway? The owners are not giving away anything; you have to buy something.

But wait — I get it — you purchase something for someone else. Not something for yourself; you don’t want this stuff, you give it away. Most of the goods are made in China anyway, so what you should do is give the gifts to your Chinese friends, so they can take the gifts back to where they originated.

Richard F. Dinsmore



It’s tragic that Maine’s Own Organic Milk will no longer be available on our stores’ shelves. The 10 Maine farmers and their families who came together to create MOO Milk deserve better than this, as they embodied an American spirit rarely seen anymore.

In the face of first having lost their contracts to sell milk to Hood and, second, going for many months without being paid for the milk they sold, they showed pluck, perseverance, vision, persistence, commitment, courage and, more than anything, hard work.

They faced each problem that confronted them — leaking milk cartons, marketing and distribution issues, and lawsuits. What, if anything, can we do? Go to these farmers, and ask to buy raw milk from them at the farm because it is delicious. Rest in peace, MOO Milk.

Walter Plaut


Bellows support

In response to the May 11 BDN letter “Questions for Bellows,” I feel the need to raise my own questions of her opponent, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine. The writer argues that a minimum wage increase to $10.10 per hour, as supported by candidate Shenna Bellows, would cost 500,000 jobs. However, the Congressional Budget Office states in that study that job losses from a minimum wage increase are difficult to predict, and job losses could just as likely be “very slight.”

Many prominent economists agree that raising the minimum wage would not have an adverse effect on employment. The minimum wage has been raised before and has not been followed by a surge in unemployment as a result. Furthermore, a $10.10 wage would reduce the number of Americans living in poverty by 4.6 million. Collins supported a filibuster on raising the minimum wage, meaning the Senate was prevented from even discussing it. Why is Collins so determined to keep hard-working Americans from earning a living wage?

Bellows is a principled candidate offering an alternative to Collins, who has disappointed many Mainers. I’m excited to support Bellows in November.

Katie Guare


New low

Bruce Poliquin has reached a new low in Maine politics with his mean-spirited and divisive television ad. We don’t need to send any more of that behavior to Washington, D.C.

Send him back to the 1st District.

Doris M. Russell



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