NORTH WATERBORO, Maine — Maine Game Wardens and volunteers will continue their search Monday morning for Jaden Dremsa, 15, of Waterboro.

They will focus on Lake Arrowhead.

On Sunday they opened up Ledgemere Dam to start lowering the lake. Wardens say lowering the lake one to two feet could help with their search. So far, authorities have found no signs of Dremsa.

“It’s frustrating for us, frustrating for the searchers, frustrating for the family. We’re all looking for clues just not a lot that lead anywhere,” said Lt. Kevin Adam with The Maine Warden Service.

Lt. Adam says they have no evidence that proves Dremsa is in the lake, but they are taking every precaution. He says they had to lower the water level to make searching easier.

“This lake has some unique geographic things in it. It’s not like a typical lake where we can easily get sonar or divers into. That’s why we’re hoping the lowering helps us out,” said Lt. Adam. “I don’t usually do this unless I have to.”

Wardens say they still have hope that Dremsa will be found alive and well, however they have to explore all possibilities.

“You know we want to provide closure to the family and find out what happened to Jaden,” said Lt. Adam.

Wardens are still looking for volunteers. A command center is set up at Lakeside Community Center in North Waterboro.

From our media partners at CBS 13. Click here for more info and video.