PORTLAND, Maine — A 48-year-old Portland man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly selling medical marijuana he had purchased with a legal prescription.

Danny Mitchell allegedly sold his medical marijuana to a Massachusetts man and then returned to the Wellness Connection of Maine on Congress Street to purchase more medical marijuana, according to a release from Maine Drug Enforcement Cmdr. Scott Pelletier.

Officers stopped Mitchell on State Street, where he allegedly gave police a fictitious name. He did possess a valid prescription for medical marijuana, allowing him to purchase it from a licensed dispensary for his own use.

The Massachusetts man told MDEA agents that he traveled to Maine to purchase marijuana at the Congress Street dispensary, but that he did not have a license to do so, Pelletier said. He said he encountered Mitchell at the dispensary and Mitchell told him to meet him outside in the parking lot for the transaction.

Agents released the Massachusetts man after seizing 1 gram of medical marijuana.

Mitchell was arrested by Portland police and charged with Class D unlawful trafficking in Schedule Z drugs. He was taken to Cumberland County Jail, where he was released on $5,000 unsecured bail.