VINALHAVEN, Maine — Two men from the mainland were arrested Tuesday after police said they stole more than $200,000 from an island home.

But before they were caught the two went on a spending spree, buying several items, including a boat, police reported.

Jacob Mondello, 19, of South Thomaston and Vincent Hilt, 19, of St. George each were charged with felony theft in connection with the burglary, which was reported Friday afternoon, according to Knox County Sheriff Donna Dennison.

Despite the spending spree, more than $200,000 eventually was recovered and is safely in a bank, the sheriff said. One of the suspects bought a boat, Dennison said. When the seller learned that the money had been stolen, he returned the money and got the boat back, she said.

The sheriff said officers are investigating to determine exactly how much was taken and how much was spent. She said the two men have been cooperating with police since their arrest.

Explaining the hefty sum involved, the sheriff said fishermen often keep large amounts of cash in their homes.

Detective Don Murray and Deputy Rob Potter are the investigators.

The two suspects have been released on bail.