HERMON — A popular luncheonette frequented by area residents last summer has brought its delicious and affordable fare to a prime location on Route 2.

Roxy’s Café & Creamery opened next to Danforth’s Supermarket in Danforth’s Plaza on March 3, according to owner Amy Porter. People are flocking to the restaurant, which draws customers from Hermon, Levant, Carmel and Newburgh, she indicated.

Roxy’s genesis took place last May, when Porter opened a mobile luncheonette named Roxy’s Snack Shack on Route 2 in Carmel. Porter hails from Lincoln; she named her luncheonette after her mother, Roxanne Drinkwater, and a popular Snack Shack that once stood on West Broadway in Lincoln.

Porter operated Roxy’s Snack Shack through August 2013. When space opened next to Danforth’s Supermarket last January, she decided to open Roxy’s Café & Creamery there.

Featuring seating for 12 people and an affordable menu (prices average $3 to $6 per item, with french fries or fried onions available for an additional $2 apiece), Roxy’s serves lunch and supper and features burgers, chicken sandwiches and tenders, hot dogs, paninis, grinders, clubs, soups and seafood.

“We have a lot of things you can’t find anywhere else,” said General Manager Nick Hodgdon, also is a cook and Porter’s son-in-law.

He talked about a popular menu item called “Da’ Bombs,” based originally on a steak-and-cheese sandwich loaded with mushrooms, onions and peppers. “People love our steak and cheese Bomb,” Hodgdon said; so well received was this item that Roxy’s quickly added a Chicken Bomb and a Burger Bomb.

As for burgers, the restaurant serves the traditional hamburger, cheeseburger and bacon burger, plus a Swiss burger and a chili burger. According to Hodgdon, Roxy’s specialty burgers are:

• The Carmel-ized Burger, with a name that plays on Porter’s town of residence and on the caramelized onions heaped on this burger;

• The Foxy Roxy, served with bacon, cheese, two onion rings, sautéed mushrooms and Roxy’s Sauce;

• The Grilled Chez.

Chicken sandwiches include a bacon ranch, a barbecue chicken and a buffalo chicken, and hot dogs include a bacon dog, a cheese dog, a chili dog and the 3 Dawg Night, which adds chili, cheese and bacon. Grinders are served with ham, turkey or both meats; club sandwiches are made from ham or turkey.

Paninis available at Roxy’s are the Perfect Storm (turkey, provolone cheese, tomatoes and a bistro sauce), the Cats Meow (ham, Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions and mayonnaise), and the Simpleton (American cheese, tomatoes and bacon).

The seafood portion of the menu includes clams, fish and chips, scallops, a fish sandwich and combinations of these items. The soup menu features Hodgdon’s homemade chili and a soup of the day.

And there are the “Fried Goodies,” such as french fries and onion rings and nuggets, mozzarella sticks, fried pickles and dough bites. A popular item on this portion of the menu is the “Fried PB&J,” a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich fried in the kitchen and served hot on a plate.

Roxy’s also serves a children’s menu featuring chicken tenders, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, and BLT and peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches.

The restaurant serves Gifford’s Ice Cream (Cotton Candy, Grape Nuts, Moose Tracks and Pineapple Orange are among the popular flavors at Roxy’s) and a choice of soft-serve ice-cream flavors.

According to the menu, diners are invited to “Feed the Growl” at Roxy’s, where “we do all our own fresh foods,” said Hodgdon. “We fix everything right here.” He explained that the restaurant prepares fresh burgers, not frozen, and the cooks hand-cut fresh onions and dip them in batter, rather than preparing frozen onion rings.

Roxy’s Café & Creamery is open 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Sunday through Saturday. To place an order for takeout, call 605-0123; for information about the restaurant, call 605-0123 or “look for us on our Facebook page,” where “we post our specials,” Porter said.