AUGUSTA, Maine — A doctor specializing in reproductive medicine is no longer allowed to practice in Maine after the state’s Board of Licensure in Medicine determined he presents “an imminent danger to his patients.”

Roger I. Hardy has been licensed in Maine since 1998, and most recently practiced in Reading, Mass. This action means that he may not practice medicine in the state of Maine.

“We’re not aware he’s ever practiced in Maine,” Randal C. Manning, executive director of the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine, said Thursday. “But he holds a license to practice in Maine.”

The board reviewed information from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, which raised serious concerns about Hardy’s fitness to practice medicine.

An adjudicatory hearing to address the summary suspension will be held in April 2014 and more information will be available at that time.

The Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine is made up of six physicians and three members of the public appointed by the governor. For information, visit