NEWCASTLE, Maine — The first episode of “Cowshit Corner,” a reality show produced by local filmmaker Keith O’Leary, will air Friday on Lincoln County public television and YouTube.

The series follows Larry Russell and a group of friends who each Sunday sit on 5-gallon cans outside Russell’s dairy farm on a stretch of Route 194 known for years by the unique moniker. The pals gather at the pungent location to drink beer and talk about life.

Friday night’s episode follows the gang — including Russell, Fuzzy Crockett, Marijuana Pete and other members of “The Cherch of the Holy Cow” — as they build a float for the 2013 Fourth of July parade in Round Pond.

“It was a bunch of conservatives going to a liberal bastion,” O’Leary said Friday from Los Angeles, where he was shopping the series. “[The episode] follows them building the float and finding a queen,” and then riding downtown during the annual summer event.

O’Leary said he hopes to build an online audience and attract a distribution company. He attended the National Association of Television Program Executives in Miami earlier this month to shop the show to network buyers.

“I’ve talked to a number of people, and it’s hard to predict, but there’s been quite a bit of interest,” he said. “It will attract some people, and not others.”

The crew will resume filming in April, when the weather is kinder and the men can retake their perches on milk cans under the towering new sign marking the famous corner. One of the first episodes will tell the story of when the original sign was mysteriously stolen last summer.

In September, as the new sign was erected, Russell and the rest of the “cherch” told the Bangor Daily News that they know who took it, but weren’t naming names.

Margo O’Leary, Keith’s wife, said at the time that Russell and other family members in town feud “like the Hatfields and McCoys.”

O’Leary said Thursday that members of the group “have more to say about that.”

A promo for the show can be viewed now on Youtube, where the first episode will be available late tonight, O’Leary said. The episode will also be aired Friday on Lincoln County Television.