EDDINGTON, Maine — The Maine Warden Services and area firefighters rescued three Boy Scouts and a pair of Scout leaders stranded on the side of Blackcap Mountain late Saturday, according to a release from the wardens.

The Scouts were on a hike from Camp Roosevelt in Eddington to the mountain along the “Blue Trail” Saturday afternoon. The Scouts reached the top of the mountain, but on the return trip to camp they mistakenly went off the trail and lost their way, according to the release.

The three boys headed downhill, hoping to pick up the trail again, but reached a point on the hill where they got stuck — neither able to continue down the slope nor to go back up.

Scout leaders Tom Turlo and Jim Collins went looking for the boys when their set return time passed. They eventually found the Scouts, but also found themselves stranded on the slope.

They called 911 around 7:30 p.m., according to the release.

Six game wardens and firefighters from Holden and Eddington went to the mountain.

“It was quickly determined that professional climbers would be required to conduct the rescue,” the release states. Search and rescue personnel from Mount Desert Island and Jon Tierney of Acadia Mountain Guides were called in to help.

The team eventually managed to reach the stranded Scouts and were able to help them to the base. The last person was lowered off the mountain around 1 a.m. Sunday, according to wardens.

No other information, including the age of the boys or what troop they were with, was immediately available.

“Other than being cold, they suffered no injuries,” and were treated at the scene, the release states.