February 25, 2020
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Welcome to the Thrifty Kitchen – pull up a stool, pour a coffee and relax!

Colleen Maguire

Colleen Maguire

You know those cooking shows – the ones with Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray whispering hints over people’s shoulders (cheaters), the sultry Giada wafting about the kitchen (where the heck is the mess for heaven’s sake?!), and the ever popular Gordon Ramsay spitting insults all over neophyte chefs in a bazillion dollar kitchen. I’ll tell you a super-duper-secret: I hate them. SHHHH. I really do. As much as it has helped, the Food Network has done a huge disservice to home cooks and professional chefs all over the world.

The truth is, you don’t need to have $400 goat cheese from the Pyrenees region of France in order to make a quality meal (mmm goat cheese….). Nor do you need to send your $24.99 T-bone back to the kitchen because it wasn’t seared just like Bobby Flay said it should be. (Trust me on this – chefs are not impressed with your knowledge of Flay directives, and your steak will not come back as something you would want to eat.) All it takes is learning about your food – where and when to get it, how to cook it properly, and how to store it safely. Beyond that – use your imagination! Confidence is half the battle. Folks have such a fear of failure in the kitchen! What’s the worst that can happen if your recipe doesn’t work out? (Not counting burning down the kitchen!) Figure out what you did wrong, and maybe try it again another time. Or perhaps it’s just not something you and your family like – fair enough, cross it off the list! Maybe you just need to tweak it slightly. Try something new! What none of those tv shows tell you is that chefs try recipes all the time – and many of them are never used publicly. Professional chefs have moments too – just like home chefs. They burn things, they forget things, and once in awhile they even use salt instead of sugar or oregano instead of basil. It happens, we are all human…but it doesn’t make for good tv.

Aside from a rare couple of shows that make the budding chef stick to a budget for fun, does anyone even talk about money? Sure that Maso Toro topped with caviar looks great – probably tastes great too. But who can afford that at home? And, I don’t know about your family, but mine would make gag faces and ask when the fries would be done. The cold hard truth is that television shows have a budget much, much, MUCH larger than ours. Sorry, it’s true. While we might not be able to eat caviar every night, we can certainly eat fresher and better on an almost daily basis. It’s true, I promise.

I’m going to work with you in the upcoming months to polish your OWN hidden talents in the kitchen. We are going to utilize all of our local stores, farmer’s markets and even our own gardens to make and eat delicious network-worthy meals our families will love – and eat. No personal loans needed, no budget modifying. In fact, maybe we can even save you a few pesos in the process.

Come….join us at the table!


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