WESLEY, Maine — A Portland-based production company is wrapping up filming this week of a low-budget, independent movie that will continue shooting at other locations throughout Maine.

The film, titled “Anniversary,” is a psychological thriller-horror feature, according to Bethany Field, a representative of Gum Spirits Productions.

The film is in the second week of shooting on location at an old motel on Route 9 in the town of Wesley and was scheduled to end on Friday. Production will continue in other areas of the state through March, according to Field.

The film, which will be an estimated 100 minutes running time, is based on an original screenplay by Jim Cole of Gum Spirits Productions, who is also directing. The company will seek to sell the movie to a film distribution company and is planning on a spring 2015 release.

Field described the plot: A professor and colleagues arrive in a small town deep in the New England woods, a community that is “frozen in time.” They learn of startling similarities among the residents: missing children, failed crops and a mysterious illness. Pale creatures are glimpsed at night, howling in the snow. The professor and his associates risk their lives to learn the secret of the town’s shocking anniversary celebration.

Cole, who earned an art degree from the University of Southern Maine, has written and directed six feature films. He was the winner of the New Visions/Emerging Maverick Director’s Award at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, Calif., and the Special Jury Prize for a Narrative Feature at the Independent Film Festival of Boston.

Gum Spirits Productions is a full-service media production company. Its services include scriptwriting, filming, editing and duplication for commercials, promotional videos, interactive Web programs, and narrative and documentary films. It has expanded from its independent film production roots to produce work for brands, businesses and political organizations across the country, according to the company. Previous features include “Three Priests” and “Sundown.”