BELFAST, Maine — The little white dog wandering around downtown Belfast on Christmas Day didn’t look like a stray.

“It was a cute little dog. It was clean, manicured, it looked like a well maintained-dog,” Sgt. John Gibbs of the Belfast Police Department said Thursday. “And it was cold out.”

Because it was a holiday, and he figured that the dog’s owner would turn up soon, he decided to find the dog a temporary local home rather than send her down to the nearest animal shelter in Rockport. But even though a short post he wrote about the dog has been shared on Facebook 1,381 times to date, the owner still hasn’t come forward, and Gibbs is wondering why.

“It’s weird,” he said. “Normally we just take an animal and put it on Facebook a few times and we find the owner almost immediately.”

Maybe the little dog with the pink and yellow collar, believed to be a West Highland White Terrier, was traveling through town with her owners and somehow got out of the car. Or maybe she belongs to someone local who is injured or unwell, Gibbs worried.

So far, people in the community have been fostering the dog, which was found in the afternoon of Christmas Day between the First Church and the Belfast Police Department. Although it had a collar, it has no tags and a recent scan showed it doesn’t have a chip.

“It’s a little tiny thing,” Gibbs said, adding that it likely weighs around six or seven pounds. “I’d like to know who lost it. I can’t imagine someone ditched it on Christmas Day.”

If anyone has information about the dog, they are asked to contact police at 338-2040.