NEWPORT, Maine — A St. Albans man remained in jail Monday facing a slew of charges after he allegedly damaged and stole from a police officer’s personal vehicle.

Newport police Officer Cody Johndro was sitting in the police station at 8 p.m. on Saturday, when he noticed a man sitting in his Jeep in the parking lot, Newport police Chief Leonard Macdaid said on Monday.

Officer Johndo went outside and discovered Ryan Curtis, 18, of St. Albans was sitting in his vehicle.

“The officer went outside and asked him what was going on, but [Curtis] was drunk and yelling at him and telling the officer he wanted to be taken to jail,” said Macdaid.

Curtis had allegedly kicked out the taillight of the officer’s Jeep and had several items from inside the Jeep in his pockets. His hand was also bleeding.

“[Officer Johndo] asked why his hand was bleeding, and Curtis told him he had punched a snowbank,” said Macdaid.

Another police officer showed up, and Curtis continued to yell, swear and try to get the officers to fight him, said Macdaid.

Curtis was taken into the police station, but he slipped and hit his head on a desk.

An ambulance was called and Curtis was taken to Sebasticook Valley Hospital in Pittsfield.

“It didn’t get much better there. He was being combative with nurses and wouldn’t cooperate,” said Macdaid. “Finally, they got him patched up and got him to jail. He gave them a hard time too.”

Curtis remains in Penobscot County Jail in Bangor on five misdemeanor charges: burglary to motor vehicle, theft, refusing to submit to arrest, criminal threatening and illegal possession of alcohol by a minor.