WALDOBORO, Maine — Waldoboro police believe a cat who died after being shot through the head with a target-practice arrow was shot intentionally, and say an arrest in the alleged crime is probable.

Officers responded the night of Dec. 7 to Prock Ridge Farm after Lorraine Prock reported finding the cat sitting on her doorstep with an arrow in it.

Lorraine Prock called the Waldoboro Police Department at about 8 p.m. that night after finding the cat sitting directly in front of her door.

“I went to let my dog out and looked out the window and said, ‘What the devil is that?’” said Prock, who with her husband, Merle, raises Belted Galloway cows on Prock Ridge Farm. The arrow had entered the cat’s nasal cavity and the other end was protruding from under its arm.

”Oh my god, to see that cat … you couldn’t get near it,” Prock said. “It had crawled up on my doorstep. I don’t know how that cat ever made it to my doorstep. I don’t think it traveled through the woods. It couldn’t have gotten through the woods with that arrow.”

Waldoboro Animal Control Officer Laurice Ducharme took the cat to a local veterinarian, who attempted to remove the arrow while saving the cat, but the cat later died, Waldoboro Police Chief Bill Labombarde said Thursday.

Labombarde said the cat was apparently shot at close range — “possibly a few feet,” he said — with a target arrow, not a hunting arrow. Police are investigating the case as an intentional act and expect to make an arrest.

“We do have a few leads we’re following, and an arrest is probable,” he said.

In June, Waldoboro police arrested 32-year-old Aaron Armstrong of Waldoboro and charged him with aggravated cruelty to animals after he allegedly shot a young black Lab with as many as 100 BBs. Armstrong was indicted by a Lincoln County grand jury in September. Armstrong is scheduled to appear in Lincoln County Superior Court on Feb. 3.