BATH, Maine — The Restorative Justice Institute of Maine recently was awarded $150,000 from the Juvenile Justice Advisory Group to expand restorative justice practices for youth.

These federal funds, administered through the Maine Department of Corrections, will support the development of a Community Justice Collaborative in Kennebec, Somerset, Lincoln and Cumberland counties.

The Restorative Justice Institute sees this as the beginning of a movement to build and implement restorative justice approaches in juvenile settings statewide by supporting community involvement with our youth,” board chairman Dr. T. Richard Snyder said in a press release issued Thursday.

“There are massive gaps in our current system of care for young people, and we believe that communities can play a critical role in filling some of those gaps, especially with young people who are often the most challenging to embrace, those who have committed acts of wrongdoing,” he said. “Restorative practices is a transformative model of intervention that impacts not only the young people that participate in the process but victims and community participants as well.”

The institute was founded in 2011 to promote restorative justice practices and philosophy across Maine. The organization works in partnership with criminal justice and education institutions, social service agencies, community and faith based organizations to forward a movement that builds safer, just and peaceful communities through public education, training, networking, resource mobilization, research, advocacy and by supporting the development of local restorative justice initiatives.

For more information, call Patricia Kimball, executive director at 619-3630 or email