Christmas tree

I am sure, being a born and bred Mainer, that the designation of the downtown “Christmas” tree as the “holiday tree” is as offensive to many other true Mainers as it is to my wife and myself. Older Mainers like me do not like it when people take it upon themselves to do away with one of our oldest and most cherished traditions.

As the city council is responsible for expenditures, I can only assume the name came from there as well.

If not, then just who is anti-Christmas?

John Gray


Destroying Maine

Steve Perry is the business development manager of Sargent Corp. that usually is contracted by First Wind to do civil site work.

Financial interests drive Perry’s remarks in his Dec. 7 letter, as his business priorities are above the value and scenic beauty of the Downeast Lakes Region. Once spoiled, only the next ice age could reconstruct what Perry and First Wind support with the destruction of Maine’s scenic environment.

Contrary to Perry’s claims, Bowers will only produce several permanent positions and will not supply Maine with the over-rated electricity produced, as it has already been sold to Rhode Island, if the Bowers wind machines are constructed. Perry also calls for a fair and consistent regulatory environment but fails to mention Gov. John Baldacci’s Wind Energy Act being the most unfair regulatory act imaginable.

The Department of Environmental Protection performed an exhaustive review on the impact to Bowers and the Downeast Lakes Region and said no to wind machine projects there. Perry should stop using self-serving business ethics in an attempt to bully Maine into destroying what makes Maine, Maine.

Richard Washburn


Arrogant embrace

Before his election, Gov. Paul LePage rejected the reality of climate change. He “hadn’t seen the science.” Apparently now he acknowledges it but celebrates climate change as an opportunity to take advantage of new access to oil markets after the Arctic ice all melts.

This arrogant embrace of ignorance damages us, our region, country and planet.

He has yet to sign onto a compact initiated by eight governors of East Coast states (all Democrats, not surprisingly) petitioning Midwestern coal states to adopt the Clean Air Act’s ambient air provisions. Pollution from coal damages our health and our economy. The Northeast has some of the nation’s dirtiest air, and despite its implementation of some stringent pollution safeguards, rules in Midwestern states are far less stringent. Their pollution flows east, while their air flows from western states with far less industrial pollution.

A gridlocked Congress prevents any solution to this serious problem. When President Barack Obama announced the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule requiring all states to adopt best practices in curbing pollution from power plants, the powerful fossil fuel industry declared outrage, and soon the U.S. Supreme Court will hear challenges to this rule. Predictably, LePage sides with the polluters — climate change after all is good for us.

Recently a U.S. senator called a GOP rising star preached that “God gave us coal” and thus it’s our duty to burn it. But haven’t we also been given clean air and a sustainable planet as well — and brains smart enough to realize our folly when we’re turning our heads from reality?

Beverly Roxby


Super Fredette

Soil Preparation, the company that operates the sewage processing facility in Plymouth, recently asked the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to delay new rules that would stop the offensive odor permeating the town.

The smell is unbearable throughout much of Plymouth, and property values have certainly taken a huge hit.

Soil Preparation has had more than enough time to get this right and all it’s done is delay and make excuses. I want to thank Rep. Ken Fredette, R- Newport, for introducing and successfully passing the bill that put the rules into effect that Soil Preparation is now trying to avoid.

I had the opportunity to testify in favor of the bill at its legislative hearing, and it would be a shame to see it weakened.

I urge all of my neighbors in Plymouth to join Fredette in holding Soil Preparation accountable. Something has to be done to stop this outrageous situation, and Fredette gets it. So call DEP at 287-7688, ask for Paula Clark, and tell her to reject Soil Preparation’s request and follow the new law from Fredette.

Linda Seavey


Happy holiday

In his letter of Dec. 9, Bob Mercer asks, if we call a decorated evergreen a “holiday tree,” what holiday does the tree represent?

The answer is, of course, the solstice. Honoring the evergreen quality of the conifers has been a feature of the pagan celebration of the solstice for way more than 2,000 years.

There is no problem with Christians joining in this celebration or including the symbols like the decorated evergreen, the wreath, yule log, wassail bowl, etc., as long as they acknowledge the reason for the season and don’t try to claim exclusive ownership.

Norman Mrozicki


Holiday words

It makes me sad when I see cards, bill boards, marquees and signs in store windows with the word “x-mas.” That’s not even a word. Are they too lazy to write out “Christ,” or don’t they care?

If it wasn’t for the birth of Jesus Christ there would be no Christmas. No big family get-togethers to celebrate the season, no tree to decorate with favorite ornaments, and no carols. No, no Christmas at all.

Let’s show honor, glory and love to Jesus in saying Merry Christmas to everyone — family, friends and acquaintances. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Becky Wiers


Decision makers

With the death of Nelson Mandela, the “decision makers,” who have complete access to the media, will have lots to say.

I say let us hold these people up to the standard of Mandela. Why not? Do the elite of this country have less opportunity to fulfill the ideals of Mandela? Or will they ride this legendary person like parasites advancing only themselves?

Michael Vernon