Saturday afternoon’s NCAA football playoff game between the University of New Hampshire and the University of Maine won’t be shown on local television, but cable subscribers can watch it on their computers by logging on to ESPN3.

ESPN3 is the online streaming service supplied by ESPN Inc. Subscribers can watch games on their computers by accessing their cable accounts.

The game will also be available to TWC subscribers on SportsPass on channel 1532, according to Scott Pryzwansky, media relations director for Time Warner Cable. Those who don’t have it can order it online or by calling 800-833-2253 or 207-253-2222.

Game time is at 2 p.m., at Morse Field in Alfond Stadium, Orono.

The game will also be shown on screens at selected restaurants and bars in the area that have access to it. Seasons Grille and Lounge on Main Street in Bangor will be airing it.

The University of Maine’s hockey game against UMass Lowell, which had been moved from Saturday night to Sunday at 4 p.m. to accommodate football, will be shown on WVII-ABC Channel 7/Fox College Sports in Bangor. It had been originally scheduled to be shown on Channel 7/FCS on Saturday night.

Michael Palmer, the vice president and general manager at WVII ABC Channel 7-WFVX Fox 22, said they looked into televising the Maine football game, but ESPN3 owns the rights.

“It wasn’t going to happen. We would have loved to have shown it,” said Palmer.

Palmer said changing the schedule to air the hockey game wasn’t a big deal.

“We just had to make sure we could do it. It wasn’t a problem airing the game at 4 [p.m.],” said Palmer. “Having two stations makes it much better. You can always find a home for a game on one of them.”

The hockey game may spill over to the time slot occupied by the 6:30 p.m. national news on ABC, but Palmer said the game will be shown in its entirety, and Channel 7 will join the national news after the completion of the game.

This is the first year that the University of Maine has entered into an agreement with WVII/WFVX and Rockfleet Broadcasting. It is a two-year deal, and this season has included three football games, seven hockey games and one or two basketball games.

Palmer said having the football team win the Colonial Athletic Association’s regular season championship and qualify for the FCS playoffs has been “terrific,” and he noted that “everybody up here loves Maine hockey.”

Entering the UMass Lowell game, Maine is 6-1 at home in hockey.