ROCKLAND, Maine — Police are questioning a Cushing student after a confrontation Wednesday morning between the youngster and staff at Oceanside High School.

The initial report came into police that a gun was involved but Rockland Police Chief Bruce Boucher said that no gun was ever brought into the school. He said the department is checking whether there was long rifle in the vehicle used by the student.

School was not in session but there were staff members at the school as well as students for basketball practice, the chief said. There was a confrontation between a staff member and a student in the hallway which led staff to call police.

Rockland police and the Knox County Sheriff’s Office responded under its lockdown procedures because of the mention of a gun, the chief said. The case remains under investigation but he confirmed that no gun was displayed and was not inside the school.

The chief said a rifle in a vehicle is common during hunting season but acknowledged guns are prohibited on school property.

The student had left the school before officers arrived. The sheriff’s office and Maine Marine Patrol officers located the youth in Cushing a short time later and Rockland police are questioning him.