WILTON, Maine — Police are investigating a burglary reported Friday where firearms and jewelry were taken from a U.S. Route 2 West home.

While the homeowner was away for a few days, someone broke into the residence and stole three firearms, including two handguns and a rifle, Wilton Chief of Police Heidi Wilcox said. The firearms are valued at $2,000 and it’s estimated about the same amount in jewelry was taken.

The homeowner returned home Friday to find the door kicked in, she said. The burglary could have occurred within the last 10 days.

One neighbor told police they saw a red truck driving slowly near the residence within the last week, she said. The witness thought the truck was a GMC and was driven by a man with dark hair and a dark beard.

On the side of the truck was a decal of a moose in the woods. It could have been a business vehicle, but there was no lettering, Wilcox said. Police are considering it a vehicle of interest, she said.

Anyone with information about the vehicle are asked to call Wilton Police at 645-3876.