BANGOR, Maine — Police blocked off a section of downtown Wednesday night after an anonymous caller reported there was a bomb in Pickering Square.

Bangor patrol officers reported to the area after the 7:10 p.m. 911 call and located a suspicious item in the park. The Bangor Police Department Explosives Ordnance Team was activated to examine the package, Bangor police Sgt. Catherine Rumsey said at the scene.

“There was something that the officers obviously thought was suspicious,” Rumsey said, adding that it was found in or near a trash can near the pay phone in Pickering Square. The pay phone is located near the footbridge.

The suspicious item was recovered, although what it was was not immediately released.

Police are now trying to determine who placed the 911 call, Rumsey said, adding police have no suspect as of yet.

“We believe it was a male voice,” Rumsey said. “With some cellphones we have to bring subpoenas and get more information. The wireless and cellphone companies are harder to get information from sometimes. But we will be working on that. Absolutely.”

Police closed down Broad Street and Pickering Square as well as some nearby side streets to foot and vehicle traffic. In addition, the Nocturnem Draft Haus, The New Waverly and the 4:20 Shop were temporarily closed. Those businesses were reopened by about 9 p.m.

Police told news teams to work from the parking lot of Key Plaza on Water Street as a safety precaution.