A step-by-step approach to carving your Thanksgiving Turkey. This method will save you time, assure that you get as much meat as possible for your dinner and leftovers, and also make for an impressive presentation.

1. After letting the turkey rest for at least 30 minutes, start by carving the top of the breast along the breast bone. As you slice down, be sure to follow the curvature of the bone as it slants outwards.
2. Cut the leg down as far as you can to separate it from the breast meat.
3. Cut the bottom of the breast section towards the breast bone.
4. Pull the entire breast section away from the bone and finish cutting it away until you reach the bottom. Note: Pull the leg away from the turkey until it breaks away and can be removed. You may have to cut it to make a clean break.
5. Turn the Turkey over, pull the wings off and cut away the thigh section.
6. There will be a bone in the middle of the thigh. Cut that away on either side until you are able to pull it out, leaving the thigh meat (dark) together as much as possible. Slice that meat into smaller serving size pieces to put on the platter.
7. After repeating these steps for the other side of the turkey, take the breast piece and slice it against the grain into serving size pieces with the skin on.
8. Arrange the pieces of meat on a platter surrounded by fruit and herb garnish, with the breast meat in the center, the legs on the outside and the thigh meat on the other side of the platter. (Include the wings if they are desired or save them for turkey soup.)