As the only independent in the Maine House of Representatives who does not caucus with either party, I am pleased to announce that I am supporting U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud for governor. I plan on campaigning for Michaud during the 2014 election season.

Mike Michaud will make a terrific governor of our state. He has the two characteristics that are sorely lacking in the current administration in Augusta: humility and common sense. He’s a good listener, thoughtful and respectful. It will be such a breath of fresh air when Michaud is elected as our next governor.

Just imagine, no more insults and crude language, real leadership, and a healthy respect for bipartisan cooperation, which Mike has demonstrated time and again in Washington and Augusta. His ability to win elections in the conservative northern half of the State should speak volumes as to his potential to lead Maine in a bipartisan fashion.

Gov. Paul LePage has worked and talked his way out of a job. His continuous stream of irresponsible comments, his growing isolation, and his inability to work with all parties means Maine has to move in a new direction.

LePage’s handling of the Statoil debacle and the poor ethics behind it are just the latest examples of his duplicity. Maine’s economy and its ability to attract investment are sure to take a huge hit from his irresponsible behavior.

In January 2013, in a heated meeting with the governor, I told LePage “to stop calling our students stupid, to stop calling our workers lazy, that you can’t market the state’s economy while you’re denigrating its good people.” His insults have not only continued, they have attracted national attention, embarrassing our state and undermining Maine’s reputation in the national and international arena.

Why am I throwing my support to Michaud rather than fellow independent Eliot Cutler? Cutler’s successes have come on the wrong side of the economy at the expense of common people. His relationship as a director of a bankrupt mortgage company, Thornburg Mortgage, whose former top executives are facing allegations of fraud, and his employment and association with the Dallas-based international consultancy Akin Gump, where outsourcing jobs to China is part of the mission, disqualifies Cutler as a person who can lead Maine out of this serious recession Maine people are experiencing.

Contrast this with Michaud, a paper mill worker who understands what it means to keep and develop good paying jobs in Maine.

I have been receiving calls from many constituents, including Republicans, urging me to keep up the fight against LePage. I tell everyone to please be patient. Help is on the way. Just one more year, and the nightmare will be over.

I couldn’t be prouder of the way Michaud handled himself recently regarding the question of his sexual orientation. Michaud said it all: “Why should it matter?”

Governor Michaud can’t come soon enough for me.

Rep. Jeffrey Evangelos of Friendship represents District 49 in the Maine House, which encompasses Cushing, Friendship, Union and Warren. He serves on the Legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and Ethics committees.