WESTBROOK, Maine — Westbrook police will be seeking to improve the safety of teenage drivers starting this week.

Using funding from the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, police will be looking for signs of unsafe teenage driving, such as texting and driving or driving while impaired, Capt. Tom Roth announced Monday.

Roth said he hopes the increased efforts will help teens engage in safer behavior behind the wheel.

“We want our teen drivers to comply with the law, so we hope this message gets out to the teens and they drive accordingly,” Roth said.

Westbrook police will mainly focus on areas frequented by teens but will heavily monitor the entire city, Roth said.

Nationally, 11 percent of drivers under age 20 are involved in fatal distracted-driving accidents, while 21 percent between ages 15 and 19 die in fatal crashes involving cellphones or other distracted driving.

Roth said police will issue warnings and citations when appropriate.


Ryan McLaughlin

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