June 20, 2018
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Mike Michaud is the team player Maine needs

Contributed photo | BDN
Contributed photo | BDN
Adam Lee is chairman of Lee Auto Malls.
By Adam D. Lee, Special to the BDN

Pushing a car out of the snow can be tricky.

To move forward, everybody has to work together and push the car in the same direction.

But imagine that while you’re pushing from the back, someone else is pushing from the front. And maybe another guy is pushing on the passenger door.

The car’s not going anywhere. It’s stuck, spinning its wheels.

That’s what happening right now in Augusta and in Washington, D.C.

Maine needs a governor who can get us all pushing in the same direction, and I believe the best person for the job is U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, D-Maine.

Michaud has shown throughout his time in public service that he is able to bring Republicans and Democrats together to get things done.

Michaud was unanimously elected Maine Senate president at a time when there were 17 Democrats, 17 Republicans and one independent.

During a time of divided government in Augusta, he worked out a successful power sharing agreement with his Republican colleagues that broke down partisan walls for the good of the state.

By listening, Michaud brought people together while staying true to his ideals.

He has boldly fought for an economy that benefits the middle class, from saying “no” to unfair trade deals, to making sure Maine companies get the work and support they deserve.

He’s fought for equality, affordable health care and a clean and safe environment. He’s stood up against attacks on women’s rights — from their reproductive rights to their right to earn a fair paycheck.

He’s fought to protect Maine jobs, Maine seniors and Maine families. And, perhaps louder and more persistently than anyone else, he’s fought for our veterans.

Bottom line, Michaud is proud of Maine, and he would be a governor we could be proud of in return.

Michaud also has the policy experience and vision to get Maine back on the right track. The power of Gov. Paul LePage’s administration is vast, and the true impact of it may not fully be known until after he has left office. We need a governor who understands the inner workings of state government, can identify the problems and set Maine on a path forward. That governor is Michaud.

Our current governor has been a disaster.

While most of the country has experienced significant job growth, Maine has been left behind.

LePage has tried to strip funding for public education, children’s health care and even Head Start, while advocating for-profit schools, the wealthiest among us and corporate polluters.

While most governors talk about how smart, hardworking and honest their citizens and employees are, LePage accuses state employees of being corrupt.

While most governors boast about their students, our governor falsely claimed that students from Maine need to take a special test in order to get into college.

Governing is not about being rude and inflexible. It’s about bringing people together for the common good.

We are a state of 1.3 million people. Our state is built upon the foundation of tight-knit communities and small businesses, around collaboration and working together — especially during tough times — and upon working families.

Our governor needs to be able to work with all of them, as a partner, not as an adversary.

No matter your politics, you’ll find in Michaud someone who’s willing to listen, who will be honest and who will act in the best interests of Maine.

To know Michaud is to like him. I’m sure he’d stop and push that car out of the snow with you, too, and I know he’d push in the right direction.

That’s the sort of governor Maine needs.

Adam D. Lee is chairman of Lee Auto Malls, a family owned business since 1936.

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