WAYNE, Maine — Kennebec County sheriff’s deputies are continuing their investigation into more than 30 burglaries in several counties, centered in Kennebec, Franklin and Somerset counties.

As of early Monday afternoon there were 31 different burglaries confirmed, Kennebec County Chief Deputy Ryan Reardon said. More information has come in, and he expects the number to rise to between 50 and 60 by the time they are done.

Suspect Justin Ross, 36, of 186 Main St., Wayne, is cooperating with police. Another person is also cooperating, he said. Ross, formerly of East Wilton, was arrested Wednesday on charges of burglary and theft.

Kennebec County Deputy Jeremy Day tracked Ross through a license-plate number that a neighbor had written down when a strange vehicle was seen parked at a Vienna home early Wednesday morning. The home was later discovered to have been burglarized and collectible items were taken.

Deputies discovered “tens of thousands of dollars” worth of merchandise at Ross’ residence and also discovered some at a Livermore Falls location. No charges are expected to be lodged against the Livermore Falls people, Reardon said previously.

Items stolen include several flat-screen televisions and a snowmobile valued at $10,000.

The motive behind the burglaries is believed to be opiate addiction, Sheriff Randall Liberty said previously.

Law enforcement agencies from around the area have been pitching in on the case.