AUGUSTA, Maine — The state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles — the only place where Maine drivers can get or renew their driver’s license — has received complaints recently about websites scamming people out of money by claiming they can provide the same service.

“These websites charge customers, but do not actually issue credentials,” Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap said in a press release warning residents about the scam. “The company implies that a credential can be ordered through the website for a fee; however, once payment is made the customer is simply directed to the BMV website.”

A new Maine driver’s license can only be obtained through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at its various offices and mobile units or through AAA New England locations.

“It’s very important that people know the only valid website for renewing a Maine driver’s license is and the service is only available to customers who have already established proof of residency and legal presence,” Dunlap said. “Some of these sites may look like they are affiliated with state government; however, they usually have a disclaimer somewhere on the page noting that they are privately owned and are not operated by any government agency.”

Those who believe they have been a victim of a driver’s license scam should contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ investigations unit at 624-9000, ext. 52144, or visit the state’s Attorney General’s consumer protection website at