NEWPORT, Maine — Police are asking the public for help in finding two dogs that were stolen out of the back of a pickup truck late Saturday night.

A husband and wife stopped at a Shell station on Moosehead Trail near Interstate 95 in Newport at about 11:45 p.m. Saturday. They stopped at the diesel pumps to fill their pickup, Newport police Chief Leonard Macdaid said Monday morning.

The couple had two 6-month-old chocolate Labrador retrievers in a kennel in the back of the truck.

“They filled up the truck and both got out of the truck and went into the store,” said Macdaid. “When they came out, the dogs were gone.”

“They pulled them out of our dog box in the back of the truck. It was locked,” said Donna Bellace, one of the owners of the dogs, in a telephone interview.

The male dog, Dozer, weighs 90 pounds and the female, Raegan, weighs 68 pounds. There is a $1,000 reward for their safe return, Bellace said.

Anyone with information about the dogs or the theft should call the Newport Police Department at 368-3263. Bellace can be reached at 609-338-7294.

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