June 24, 2018
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Thursday, September 12, 2013: US policy on Syria, Camden rehab facility



I think that President Barack Obama, his administration, people in Congress and the media are masters of deception, denial, distraction and distortion. Just as Americans all across this country were outraged this summer by the massive surveillance of millions of innocent Americans and U.S. government treatment of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, Obama starts this claim about Syria using chemical weapons.

His warmongering obligated the healthy discussions going on across America among Americans and among the media regarding the subjects above. After this writer organized an event in Skowhegan so that Bridges For Peace could meet with members and/or staff from Susan Collins’ office, Angus King’s office and Mike Michaud’s office, only Michaud’s office sent staff.

Then Obama changes the conversation with his plan to attack Syria.

I believe that even professional, retired intelligence personnel are saying that there is no clear evidence that Bashar Assad used chemical weapons. I believe that if members of Congress vote for attacking Syria (which I think would be an immoral, murderous and insane action that could lead to a nuclear third World War), they and Obama would get richer with money from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the big banks, big corporations and the manufacturers of U.S. weapons of mass destruction.

Brian Noyes Pulling,

Minister and social worker



War vote

The people of the U.S. do not want their government to make war on Syria. The outpouring of calls, letters and emails calling for a no vote on attacking Syria has been noted by staff for Maine’s congressional delegation. Yet President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry continue their violent rhetoric. They claim that the use of chemical weapons by Syrian dictator Bashar Assad justifies aerial bombing, which they further claim can be accurately described as “limited,” even “surgical.”

Kind of like when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

The U.S. government isn’t telling people the truth. They are not telling about how our taxes have been funding and arming foreign mercenaries for two years now in Syria. They are not telling how much money they receive in campaign contributions from defense contractors who will profit if we bomb Syria.

And they are not telling how the U.S. and ally Israel have used chemical weapons against civilian populations in recent years, for instance in Fallujah and Gaza.

This week’s war vote in Congress will reveal whether our government still represents the people as it claims to do, or corporations. Here’s a toll-free number to call to let elected officials know how you feel about bombing Syria: 855-686-6927.

Lisa Savage


Rehab facility

There is no difference of opinion regarding the quality of care that McLean Hospital would provide for patients suffering from drug and alcohol abuse by those of us who are opposed to the clinic coming to Camden.

The difference of opinion centers on the location for the commercial facility. Residential zoning ordinances are not to be changed to bail out owners of properties who experience difficulties in selling their properties, nor to allow them to optimize selling prices through a zoning change.

While the proponents of the change rule out the sale of the property as a single-family dwelling simply because it has been on the market for an extended period, price reductions and auctions are successfully used to sell expensive unique residential properties. These are steps that should be exhausted in lieu of rezoning.

Furthermore, the proponents dismiss the idea of a high-end home development on the property as something that would “forever change the beauty and serenity of our treasured neighborhood,” which I find absurd. Perhaps it is easy for the proponents to say this when most of them are not on or that near to Bayview Street, and some aren’t even residents of Camden.

Those who live in this area would strongly desire this alternative. I strongly urge the board to act accordingly and reject the proposal.

Robert Collins


Insurance center?

Recently I entered the Cross Insurance Center for the purpose of buying insurance. They don’t sell insurance. It’s just an arena for events. Why do they advertise that they are selling insurance? Why not just say, “Cross Center”? You don’t see Bush Beer stadium, Petco Dog Supply Field or Staples Office Supply Center. You get the idea. It’s a beautiful addition to the city with a tacky sign.

Marcelle Whitney


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