INDUSTRY, Maine — A furnace caught fire in a camper on Michael Taylor Road early Friday morning.

A family of six, two adults and four children, were not injured in the 5:50 a.m. fire.

Tim Greenlaw got his family out and then took a couple of buckets of rainwater and doused most of the fire, Industry Fire Department Chief Rick Tibbetts said.

“He did what he could,” Tibbetts said. Greenlaw’s actions allowed the family to get out safely and saved the two tag-along trailers.

Greenlaw had fired up the furnace in the spring but didn’t run it long. It caught fire when he tried to run it Friday. The fire was mostly smoldering when nine members of the Fire Department arrived.

The 20- by 24-foot camper was damaged underneath. Members of the Fire Department removed the furnace, Tibbetts said.

The family is expecting to rent a place in Starks the first of October, he said.