WARREN, Maine — Personnel matters are coming to the front burner in Warren.

The town office is suddenly down two employees following the departure of its town clerk and deputy clerk.

Town Clerk Leanne Robicheau submitted her resignation Sunday by text message to Acting Town Manager Glenn Aho. Deputy Clerk Dawn Burns resigned earlier in the month to accept a job in the Newcastle Town Office.

Aho said Robicheau did not state a reason for her departure.

Robicheau confirmed Wednesday that she had resigned but declined to comment further.

The town manager said he and bookkeeper Sherry Howard are staffing the town office until the vacant positions can be filled.

In another personnel-related matter, the Maine Labor Relations Board office in Augusta confirmed it had received a petition from the Teamsters Union on behalf of town employees in Warren to create a union.

The petition, received Wednesday by the state board, states that there are six employees who would be covered under any bargaining unit created.

Aho said Wednesday morning he has heard that there was an effort to create a union but nothing formal has come before him. There had been talk earlier in the year of public works employees trying to seek union representation.

Roger Putnam of the labor relations board said that once an attorney reviews the petition, a letter will be sent to town officials informing them of the call to unionize and asking for a response within 20 days. After that, the eligible employees could take a vote on who would represent them for labor negotiations.