PORTLAND, Maine — The mother of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds has announced on her website that she will hold a press conference next month and release information in an effort to have the girl’s father, Justin DiPietro, prosecuted in connection with the girl’s disappearance.

Trista Reynolds will release information given to her earlier this year by Maine State Police detectives on Sept. 24 on www.aylareynolds.com, according to information posted on the site. Reynolds also said that she will hold a press conference in Lincoln Park, located across from Cumberland County Superior Court, on Sept. 25.

The press conference will be held after the scheduled court appearance of DiPietro on an assault charge unrelated to his daughter, according to information on the website.

No one has been charged in connection with the toddler’s disappearance.

“We were told by the Maine State Police in January of 2012, that more than a cup of Ayla’s blood was found in Justin’s Dipietro’s basement,” Jeff Hanson, Trista Reynolds’ stepfather, said in an email to the Bangor Daily News. “On Jan. 3 of this year, Trista was shown selected specifics and probable causes regarding the blood found by the Maine State Police in their investigation … and on Sept. 24 … the public will know too.”

Reynolds is asking that members of the public urge the Maine attorney general’s office to “press for prosecution” of DiPietro.

“We are seeking justice, administered in an orderly and legal fashion by the court system,” Reynolds said on the website.

“Our secondary goal is holding Justin to account for his actions in a legal proceeding where he will have fair opportunity to present his side of the story before an impartial decision-maker, be it a judge or jury,” she continued. “Honoring Ayla’s memory requires no less.”

The attorney general’s office prosecutes all cases in which the medical examiner finds that an individual’s cause of death was homicide.

“We base our decisions about filing charges on the evidence,” Deputy Attorney General William Stokes said Wednesday.

Dec. 17 marked the one-year anniversary of when the 20-month-old girl went missing from her father’s home on Violette Avenue in Waterville, according to a previously published report. Investigators conducted numerous interviews with those closest to the child and searched the home, neighborhood, woods and waterways in the ensuing months, all to no avail.