LINCOLN, Maine — A deputy police chief with 23 years of investigative experience will be Lincoln’s first public safety director, Town Manager William Lawrence said Tuesday.

The Town Council voted 6-1 Monday to appoint Daniel Summers of the Skowhegan Police Department to the new position effective Aug. 27, Lawrence said. Councilor Shaun Drinkwater opposed.

Summers was chosen, Lawrence said, from 14 candidates for the position, which will oversee the police and fire departments. Town leaders created the post to save the town money, at least $30,000, and promote efficiency.

“He has strong leadership and administrative skills,” Lawrence said Tuesday. “He has strong investigative skills and the ability to develop relationships [within the community], and he has communications skills.”

Summers, who is in his late 40s, will be paid $60,000 annually, Lawrence said. Summers did not immediately return a telephone message on Tuesday.

Council Chairman Steve Clay said he did not participate in the interview process but took Lawrence’s recommendation in voting to hire Summers. Lawrence is the town’s former police chief and an officer with decades of experience in Bangor and with the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department.

Summers “has a camp in Lincoln, so I think he will end up staying here long term,” Clay said Tuesday.

Summers has no significant firefighter training or experience. He was a patrolman, detective, detective sergeant, deputy chief and interim chief in Skowhegan and also served with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Lawrence said.

One of Summers’ first tasks will be to appoint a firefighter to oversee firefighters at emergencies. Summers will recommend to Lawrence and the council whether the position will be the equivalent of a captain or lieutenant’s position, said Lawrence, who felt that recommendation should come from the director.

“If he will be responsible for the meal, he ought to be able to do some of the grocery shipping,” Lawrence said. “I think it is fair that he decides what he needs from the fire department.”

Councilors also voted 7-0 to hire Deputy Treasurer Melissa Quintella to replace Treasurer Gilberte Mayo, who retired while on administrative leave with pay several months ago.

Quintella has served as Mayo’s replacement and done very well since Mayo left, Clay and Lawrence said. Her starting salary is $43,000, a $7,000 savings.