AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Republican Party State Committee has elected former Senate President Rick Bennett as the new Chairman of the Maine Republican Party.

The vote, cast by the party’s 77-person state committee, demonstrated broad support from all areas of the Republican Party, with a majority of members from across the party’s diverse areas pledging support for Bennett in advance and an even greater number delivering votes the day of the election.

“I’m honored to be elected, and anxious to get to work,” said Bennett shortly after the election.

“Before I decided to run, I was approached by many Republicans who want to see the Maine Republican Party united and strong,” Bennett continued. “Today we stand united and ready to fight for liberty and prosperity for the people of Maine.

“The Maine Republican Party is ready to make the case to the people of Maine that the liberal leadership and policies of Senate President Justin Alfond and Speaker of the House Mark Eves are bad for the Maine people, bad for Maine’s small businesses, bad for Maine’s economy, and bad for the generations of Mainers who will inherit our decisions,” Bennett said.

“It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work electing Republicans who will grow Maine’s economy, protect Maine’s small businesses, control the size and scope of government and give the next generation of Mainers a stronger, more prosperous Maine than we inherited,” Bennett concluded.

In addition to electing Bennett as new party chairman, the Maine Republican State Committee also elected former state representative and current Kennebec County Republican Chair Susan Morissette as the new vice chair.