MIAMI — One of the six jurors in the George Zimmerman trial hopes to write a book explaining why the all-women panel had “no option” but to find Zimmerman not guilty of murder in the shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, the literary agent hired by the juror said on Monday.

Unidentified juror B37 signed with Martin Literary Management, an agency based in Mercer Island, Washington, the firm’s president, Sharlene Martin, said in a statement on Monday.

The juror wants to write the book with her husband, who is an attorney, Martin said.

On Saturday, the jury found Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watchman, not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the Feb. 26, 2012, shooting death of Martin, who was 17.

Jurors declined to comment after the verdict, and their identities have remained anonymous under a judge’s order.

Juror B37 has been described as a mother of two who grew up in a military family and used to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

During jury selection, she said she believed most gun training is inadequate, telling the judge in the case: “I have an issue with what kind of arms they’re allowed to bear.”

Martin said the juror’s book “could open a whole new dialogue about laws that may need to be revised and revamped to suit a 21st-century way of life.”

“The reader will also learn why the jurors had no option but to find Zimmerman not guilty due to the manner in which he was charged and the content of the jury instructions,” Martin said.

Some of the recent deals Martin’s agency has handled include a book by Jessica Buchanan, an American aid worker who was kidnapped and rescued by U.S. special forces in Somalia in 2012 after she was held three months in captivity.

It is also involved in an upcoming book on the high-profile trial of Jodi Arias, who was convicted earlier this year of first-degree murder in the death of her ex-boyfriend.