LIVERMORE, Maine — Selectpersons voted 4-1 Monday to give 1 percent raises to some employees and 2 percent to others, Board of Selectpersons Chairwoman Megan Dion said Friday.

Initially, the motion was to give Highway Department employees 1 percent raises and the rest of employees 2 percent but to hold off on giving the treasurer an increase until a required cross-training of positions was done, she said.

Newly elected Selectperson Rod Newman amended that motion to give the highest-paid employee a 1 percent raise and left the other part of the motion alone, she said.

John Wakefield opposed the vote, Dion said.

Prior to the vote, the board discussed trying to close the gap between the highest-paid employee and the lowest, she said.

The reason for the 1 percent raise for highway employees was because they received a 3 percent raise last year and the other employees received no raise, she said. The Highway Department budget was the only one voters approved money for raises at the June 2012 town meeting.

Kurt Schaub, an administrative assistant to the board and tax collector, is the highest-paid employee. His pay in 2012-13 was $888.38 a week for about 40 hours each week.

With the 1 percent raise it goes to $897.19 a week in 2013-14, according to a wage, salary and stipend sheet. He would have received $906.15 a week if the 2 percent raise for him was approved. Schaub was in the category that received no raise last year. Schaub is also the treasurer and is paid $15 an hour for 5.5 hours a week in that position.

The board decided to hold off on giving the treasurer a raise until he cross-trains either the town clerk or deputy clerk in the position, as the board stipulated when he was appointed, she said. That way, others can do payroll and pay the town’s bills if he is out, she said.

The board appointed Schaub to fill the remainder of a two-year treasurer’s term in late 2012 after the one elected in June quit in October. He had served as treasurer for several years prior to losing his bid for re-election last year.

Once the training is complete, the board will reassess the raise situation, Dion said. The board could also at any time modify a raise for the administrative assistant, she said.

Highway Foreman P. Roger Ferland is the second-highest-paid employee considered full time. His hourly pay will go from $18.91 to $19.10 an hour for 40 hours a week.

Town Clerk Renda Libby’s wage will go from $16.55 to $16.88 an hour for a 36-hour-a-week elected position.

The remaining wages for employees decrease from there.