AUGUSTA, Maine — The 488th Military Police Company, which was sent to Afghanistan for a year to provide protection to U.S. and allied forces, is back safe on U.S. soil, Peter Rogers, spokesman for the Maine Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management, said Tuesday.

“They are stateside,” he said of the 120 military police officers who landed late Thursday at Pease Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth, N.H. “They are now at Fort Bliss, Texas, for their post-deployment debriefing.”

Several family members of the deployed soldiers and a couple of senior staff members from the Maine Army National Guard went to New Hampshire to welcome the Maine soldiers home.

The unit, nicknamed the “Guardians,” is based in Waterville with a detachment in Houlton.

Their overseas mission was to conduct police, detainment and stability operations to enhance security for coalition and Afghanistan forces.

“They had a very successful year over there,” Rogers said. “We heard a lot of positive comments … about how hard they worked over there and what a success it was.”

Capt. Eric Dos Santos, a patrolman for the Augusta Police Department, was the commander of the 488th.

The tentative plan is for the unit to be back in Bangor on Saturday, Rogers said.