BELFAST, Maine — A Waldo County grand jury indicted 51 people this week on charges that included sexual assaults against children, robbery, drug violations and motor vehicle offenses. Indicted were the following people:

Bryan C. Gower Jr., 21, Canaan; Daniel L. Green Jr., 27, Canaan; Paige Lanctot, 19, Skowhegan; and Alexander M. Salvas, 18, Skowhegan, were each indicted for a March 5 robbery in Unity in which they used the threat of force to commit theft. Each were also indicted for burglary in connection to the incident.

Raymond G. Carson, 70, Hancock, sexual exploitation of a minor, furnishing liquor to a minor, and allowing a minor to possess or consume liquor, all on Feb. 15, 2011, in Troy.

Carson was also indicted for threatening display of a weapon on March 13 in Troy.

Thomas A. Emery, 18, Winterport, three counts of gross sexual assault in November and December in Winterport with child under 12.

Leslie E. Woodbury, 44, Burnham, possession of sexually explicit materials involving person under 12 years old.

Glenn L. Reed, 65, Lincolnville, unlawful sexual touching, assault, disorderly conduct, theft on March 9 in Belfast.

Richard B. Fredette, 40, Albion, aggravated assault, assault.

Marc D. Meierdirk, 39, Unity, domestic violence criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence terrorizing, two counts of terrorizing, assault, criminal mischief, tampering with a victim, two counts of violation of condition of release.

Marc Daigle, 22, Dresden, aggravated criminal mischief, aggravated assault, terrorizing, criminal threatening, refusing to submit to arrest.

Jonathan D. Miller, 25, Belfast, aggravated assault with a knife on April 22 in Belfast.

Wayne R. Hutchinson, 40, Searsport, felony forgery, theft.

Alicia M. Santamore, 29, Belfast, forgery, acquiring drugs by deception, stealing drugs.

Sean C. Giannone, 35, Belfast, domestic violence assault.

Donald R. York Jr., 30, Knox, burglary, two counts of aggravated criminal mischief, assault, violation of condition of release.

Leslie R. Bates, 50, Unity, aggravated operating after revocation, criminal operating under the influence, violating a condition of release.

Vicky M. Leclerc, 22, Van Buren, felony theft of $11,549.

Steven R. Lucas, 59, Knox, aggravated criminal OUI, driving to endanger, leaving the scene, false public report.

Danielle D. Megalaitis, 30, Palmyra, theft, violating a condition of release.

Scott M. Philbrook, 40, Swanville, two counts both of furnishing drugs and possession of drugs.

Heather Lee Blood, 36, Bangor, possession of synthetic hallucinogenic drugs.

Elizabeth Brown, 23, Searsport, trafficking in drugs.

Joshua E. Bucklin, 32, Belfast, two counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs.

Shelly A. Salisbury, 35, Liberty, domestic violence assault, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, obstructing report of a crime, criminal mischief.

Kerston E. Lane, 36, Brooks, possession of drugs.

Jesse J. Spencer, 25, Winterport, theft, criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools.

Timothy A. Lamoreau, 26, Winslow, theft.

Alesha Wood, 40, Belfast, trafficking in drugs, two counts.

Windi St. Thomas, 34, Searsmont, trafficking in drugs.

Ryan Parkinson, 33, Belfast, trafficking in drugs, criminal forfeiture of $1,900.

Sarah Lawler-Stoddard, 32, Belfast, eight counts of unlawful furnishing in drugs.

David Michael Klim, 50, Lincolnville, burglary, aggravated criminal trespass, aggravated assault.

Victor M. Amaro, 31, Belfast, domestic violence assault, refusing to submit to arrest, criminal mischief.

Desirae Reed, aka Desirae Nagle, 30, Searsport, two counts of theft.

John Leroy Hoeltzel III, 47, Rockland, forgery, theft.

Jeffrey A. Butler, 29, Belfast, two counts burglary, two counts theft.

Lacey V. Reed, 19, Monroe, burglary, two counts of theft, two counts of stealing drugs, violating a condition of release.

Joshua N. Ames, 27, Pittsfield, burglary, theft.

Kyle E. Lovely, 22, Pittsfield, burglary, theft, violating a condition of release.

Roger Nielsen, 67, Monroe, aggravated trafficking in drugs, trafficking in drugs, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Vaughn K. Pierce, aka Vaughn K. Basford, 31, Burnham, theft.

Adam L. Whitney, 32, Waldo, theft.

Jesse T. Grinnell, 23, Lincolnville, two counts operating after revocation, failure to give correct name.

Stephen P. Cummings Jr., 25, Northport, domestic violence criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon on March 23 in Waldo with a knife, domestic violence assault, tampering with a victim, two counts of violating a condition of release.

Jacob S. Merithew, 20, Brooks, possession of drugs.

Jonathan C. Curit, 31, Unity, operating after revocation.

Allen R. Randall, 50, Winterport, operating after revocation, operating unregistered vehicle.

Justin Landry, 23, Winterport, burglary of a motor vehicle, unauthorized use of a property, theft, operating after revocation.

Jennifer L. Cook, 34, Swanville, terrorizing, disorderly conduct.

Tonya Milliken, aka Tonya Brown, Tonya Maxcy, Tonya Reed, 41, Bangor, negotiating a worthless instrument.