DOVER-FOXCROFT — In recent weeks passersby have seen the construction vehicles and heard the clanging and banging as crews have been working on the cleanup phase on the Riverfront Redevelopment project at the former Moosehead Manufacturing site — which will become a mixed-use property on the Piscataquis River through Arnold Development of Kansas City, Mo. During a selectmen’s meeting on May 13, town officials met with representatives from Ransom Consulting, Inc. of Portland for an update on the current status of the Riverfront Redevelopment.

“We are just getting into the lead paint and asbestos mitigation portion,” Town Manager Jack Clukey said, noting prep work is needed before the hazardous materials can be removed from the site.

“We have completed a lot of the interior demolition,” said Peter Sherr of Ransom, saying solid, universal and specials wastes have been removed so far. “We needed to take these materials out so we can really get at the lead paint and asbestos.”

Demolition and abatement work is being carried out by Enviro Advantage, Inc. of Epping, N.H., who like Ransom is being funded through a number of grants that have been awarded for the Riverfront Redevelopment. The abatement work is scheduled to be completed during the summer.

Sherr said the old kiln building has been taken down, as has a portion of the connector building which will be the future site of a patio when the project is finalized.

“All of this is being done so we can do the final abatement work,” he said. “The interior building is wide open, it is essentially down to the structural membrane. It is really starting to take shape and be ready when the developer comes in.

“One of the things you will start to see now is fencing going up, to secure the site a little more before we start the next activities that really might be a safety concern,” Sherr said.

“Really we are at the point where we can dovetail the demolition work with the development activities,” he said, such as permanent roofs and windows being put in immediately following demolition. Sherr said some of the project reports are posted on the town website,, but he mentioned more project information could be linked through the site.