HOPE, Maine — The bids submitted by four companies to provide emergency medical service to midcoast communities varied widely.

Town managers for Camden and Rockport and town administrators for Lincolnville and Hope opened the bids Friday afternoon at the Hope town office.

Three of the bids — from Camden First Aid Association, Delta Ambulance and Northeast Mobile Health Services — proposed coverage for all four towns. Sterling Ambulance of Union offered to provide services for only Hope.

The select boards from the four communities are scheduled to meet Tuesday evening to hear from a state emergency medical services official about what should be looked for in coverage.

The four town officials stressed at the bid opening that cost was not the only consideration. Each expressed an interest in making a recommendation about which firm to accept before June town meetings.

Camden First Aid provides services to the towns, but it announced earlier in the year that it needed to sharply increase subsidies from the four towns. The towns then decided to seek proposals from other firms.

Camden is paying $20,000 for the year, Rockport $24,000, Lincolnville $10,000 and Hope $2,000.

Camden First Aid’s proposal submitted last week calls for Camden to pay $174,000 annually. Rockport would pay $129,000, Lincolnville $77,000 and Hope $27,000.

Delta Ambulance said it needs a subsidy of $552,640 for the first year from the four towns with Camden picking up the most at $231,396, Rockport $155,012, Lincolnville $102,400, and Hope at $62,832.

Northeast Health is proposing annual subsidies of $12,000 from Rockport, $10,000 from Camden, $5,000 from Lincolnville and $1,000 from Hope.

Sterling offers to provide EMS coverage to Hope for $6,500.