May 23, 2018
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Wild game recipes are enticing

By Charlie Krause, Special to the BDN

The following are recipes that were shared by Unity College Student Center Manager and Catering Chef Charlie Krause. Krause prepared the dishes, with the assistance of Joe Saltalamachia, the college’s senior associate director of admissions, as part of the 7th annual Unity College Sportsmen’s Conference and Wild Game Dinner. The event raised $6,000 for three charities.

Venison Empanada Appetizer

¼ cup olive oil

1 cup green and red peppers, diced fine

1 cup onions, diced fine

4-5 cloves garlic, minced

3 tablespoons cumin

6 tablespoons chipotle powder

3 tablespoons chili powder

3-5 pounds venison burger

Puff pastry or empanada dough (from Internet or cookbook)

Salt and pepper

This recipe is a free-form recipe and amounts of spices and fillings can be changed to suit personal taste. Salsa can be added to the filling to add moisture. The filling should be spicy to taste when finished. If you have not used chipotle pepper powder before you are in for a treat. This is now available almost everywhere and is a wonderful spice to have in the kitchen if you like Mexican food.

Cook the ground venison burger in the oven in a covered pan until 165 degrees or well done. Pour off any fat when done and crumble the burger when cool.

Saute onions and peppers in olive oil until soft and slightly brown on edges. Add the garlic and saute for 1-2 minutes. Add the spices and stir well and saute for 1 minute.

Place sauteed mixture in a bowl and add the crumbled cooked venison and mix well. Taste for seasoning and add salt and pepper to taste. Cool mixture.

Using puff pastry or empanada dough form a flat circle of dough about 4 inches across. Wet the edge of the dough with water. Add venison mixture and fold the round dough over the top and pinch the edge to form a half moon shape. Don’t overstuff but don’t be afraid to fill them.

Place on a sheet pan and bake until dough is lightly brown on top. Serve with salsa and sour cream if you wish.

Chicken Fried Beaver with Garlic Aioli

2 pounds well-cleaned beaver meat

¼ cup vinegar

long skewers

2 eggs

½ cup milk

Flour, as needed

½ teaspoon salt

Oil for frying

Garlic aioli recipe: Internet food processor recipe

Clean beaver meat well. Cover with cold water and add vinegar. Bring to a simmer on the stove for ten minutes and pour off liquid. Cool meat and cut across grain into thin bite size pieces. Place a couple of pieces on each skewer and set aside.

Beat eggs and milk together in a bowl. Whisk in enough flour to make a thin batter, thinner than pancake batter. Let batter sit at least 15 minutes in refrigerator and thin with milk if needed.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan or saucepan to 375 degrees, or until it sizzles when a drop of water is added. Dip beaver meat on skewer into the batter and immerse in hot fat. Turn skewers as needed. Should turn brown fairly quickly. Set on paper towel to remove excess fat and keep cooking until all are done (keep finished skewers in warm oven)

Serve on a platter with garlic aioli for dipping (recipes available for food processor on the Internet).


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