ROCKPORT, Maine — A 22-year-old woman who escaped from a car as it sank in a water-filled quarry earlier this month is facing two charges related to the incident.

Christan Marston of Appleton was issued a pair of summons the next day for failing to report the accident when it happened and for leaving the scene of the accident, according to Rockport Police Chief Mark Kelley.

The chief pointed out that if the woman had not been able to get out of the vehicle as it was sinking, no one may have been aware of her fate.

Kelley said the accident raises the issue of whether a guardrail should be erected on that section of Main Street where the quarry, with waters more than 100 feet deep, is located on the Simonton Quarry Nature Preserve.

The quarry is located a few feet from the road and at stretches there is only a low dirt berm separating the road from the quarry.

The crash occurred about 6 p.m. on April 13, but Marston did not report the incident until the next morning, Kelley said.

The vehicle, a 2002 Chevy Malibu, is scheduled to be raised from the quarry on Thursday, according to Kelley.

The Simonton quarry is an 11-acre abandoned limestone quarry with dangerous cliffs and is managed by the Nature Conservancy, according to the town’s website.

The chief said a discussion should be held on whether the nature preserve or the town should be responsible for erecting a barrier.

A message was left with the Nature Conservancy seeking comment.