April 24, 2018
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Friday, March 29, 2013: Mount Waldo project, mail-order pharmacies

21st century phenomenon

In light of the recent Supreme Court hearings, I would like to echo a sentiment expressed by Justice Samuel Alito that the union of two people of the same gender is “newer than cellphones or the Internet.”

How true. Homosexuality itself is a very recent phenomenon, as it was only invented in 2004. It was created by a Harvard dropout who was experimenting with social networking sites and accidentally developed homosexuality.

Before the 21st century, gay people did not exist. If you don’t agree, just let history be the judge. Socrates was only interested in young women. The same was true for Shakespeare, who wrote all of his sonnets for women. As for Oscar Wilde, he wasn’t actually a real person, but merely a hologram.

If Justice Anthony Kennedy has the deciding vote, I hope he realizes that we’re not ready for all of this newfangled “social progress” stuff, and we need to keep in touch with our traditional values of bigotry and intolerance.

Emma Howard


Drug importation

As a licensed Maine pharmacist who works diligently to ensure medication safety, I find proposed legislation legalizing foreign mail order pharmacies to import medicine into Maine worrisome.

Proponents argue that there have been few reports of counterfeit medicines in the years Maine patients were using mail order pharmacies, but the argument begs a question. Who would patients report a problem to?

If a mail order pharmacy is registered in Slovakia, Romania or Lithuania, all of which would be legal under LD 449, a patient would have no recourse if they had an issue with the medicine. There’s just no way for a patient to hold a foreign pharmacy liable for injuries suffered from counterfeit medicines.

It may take months of accumulated health damage from a counterfeit medicine to realize what has happened. There are handfuls of case reports throughout the U.S. detailing failed chemotherapy regimens due to counterfeit medication and adverse events that have been blamed on disease advancement instead of the counterfeit medications that have seeped into the supply chain.

The truth is that these medications often come from pharmacies that are unlicensed, unregulated and often not staffed by a trained pharmacist, not the Canadian drug outlets that they advertise. If these foreign mail order pharmacies are unwilling to certify that medicines being sold to U.S. citizens are safe, why is our Legislature considering sacrificing patient safety?

I urge the Maine Legislature to reconsider LD 449, on behalf of pharmacists and patients throughout the state.

Tyson J. Thornton, Director of Pharmacy, Sebasticook Valley Health


Vote yes

We respectfully ask citizens of Frankfort to attend a town meeting Friday, March 29, at 7 p.m. at the elementary school to vote yes on new revenue for the town and restoring our family’s property rights to the land on Mount Waldo where we have paid property taxes for 40 years.

The 2011 anti-wind ordinance that was narrowly passed took away significant revenue from Frankfort and cast a shadow over the rights of all property owners, not just our family. Now we’ve worked with the town on a compromise consent order that could make the situation right.

Voting yes would benefit everyone in the community.

The town of Frankfort stands to receive a minimum annual tax payment of $250,000 if a wind project is permitted by the state and built on our land on Mount Waldo. Restoring our family’s property rights would make this possible, and Frankfort would get significant controls over any wind project permitted by the state and built on Mount Waldo.

Plus all residents who pay property tax in town would get a rebate check each year from a $75,000 annual host community benefit fund. Over 20 years, that’s $6.5 million for the residents of Frankfort.

Those are the facts. It is truly sad how much misinformation has been circulated by a few wind opponents. Frankfort never even had local zoning, yet without a yes vote, our land will have been effectively zoned right out of our hands. We respectfully ask Frankfort citizens to attend the town meeting this Friday and vote yes in support of an agreement that is a win for everyone.

Ruth Allen


Eliminating offenders

“During Monday night’s [Bangor council] meeting, councilors and a member of the public asked whether [Penobscot Community Health Center] would be willing to work toward eliminating registered sex offenders altogether. [Lori] Dwyer said that would have to be a board decision,” according to a March 26 BDN story, “Bangor council moves forward on Hope House expansion, backs bid to extend Waterfront Concerts agreement to 2021.”

What’s the preferred method? Banishment? Electrocution? Lethal injection?

Michael P. Gleason


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