NORWAY, Maine — A local man who signed a false name on a court summons was arrested on a charge of aggravated forgery Friday.

Dwight Paul Benner, 56, of Lynn Street was released on personal recognizance Monday. He is due in Oxford County Superior Court on July 1.

Benner had received a summons in connection with a theft on March 13, according to a report by Officer Ron Cole of the Norway Police Department. Cole wrote that Benner gave his name as “Paul Benner,” and said he didn’t have any photo identification on hand.

According to the report, Cole also asked about the name “D. Benner” on the mailbox to his apartment. Benner told Cole that was his brother, who had passed away, Cole wrote.

Cole went back to the police station and looked up the Social Security number and date of birth Benner gave, and found a Dwight Paul Benner with the same birthdate and Social Security number.

Benner was arrested Friday by Officer Robert Federico II of the Norway Police Department. Benner told police that he didn’t use the name “Dwight” because he didn’t like the name, according to the report.

Aggravated forgery is a Class B offense, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.