June 22, 2018
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Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013: Concealed weapon permit holders, endangering lives, questionable intentions

Editor’s note: The BDN originally requested records about concealed weapon permit holders to help report on issues affecting Maine. The BDN never intended to publish information about individuals. It announced on Thursday it is rescinding its request for records.

Dangerous information

This is in response to the request the paper made to have the names, addresses and dates of births for a story on domestic violence as stated in an editor’s note.

I feel that the paper having this information is dangerous. We live in a day and age of hackers, and people may try to get this information from whomever is writing the article. Having this information and the probability of it becoming public knowledge makes those people who are on the list targets, plain and simple.

What about the woman who was beaten by her significant other for years and finally decided to leave, got a gun for protection and went into hiding?

If the lists fell into the wrong hands, the paper makes those victims of domestic violence, who it is trying to give a voice to, targets by giving their former attackers that information.

Quite frankly, I stopped reading the paper after it was no longer required in school because even as a student, I noticed the overabundance of spelling and grammatical errors, so I can’t make the threat of canceling my subscription, but I can try to convince whoever I know to cancel theirs.

Tara MacLeod


Information not needed

The BDN does not need information about concealed permit holders. It should withdraw the request.

The fact that the paper did it knowing that people were trying to stop it shows how little it cares about the people.

I want everyone to know I am joining the boycott of the BDN.

Seth Lagoy


Down this path

I just read the letter that the BDN is sending out to many, if not all Maine police departments. This letter is an attempt to get the names and addresses of all permit holders of concealed carry holders throughout the state of Maine.

This is a direct attack on the Second Amendment as well and puts law-abiding citizens at risk. If the BDN continues down this path, I for one will no longer subscribe or read the paper.

Darrell Vigue


News liable

WABI-TV Channel 5 stated that the newspaper has requested names of people who have concealed weapons permits.

I believe if the paper prints this information, and it leads to the injury or death of one of these permit holders or family members, the newspaper will be liable.

Linda McGraw


Big mistake

The paper is making a big mistake if it publishes the names of people who have concealed weapons permit.

Tom Tufts


Stay mindful

I recently learned that the town of Milo and others have received a freedom of information request to provide personal information of gun owners holding concealed carry permits in the state of Maine.

This proved to be a problem in New York when a newspaper did the same and published the information.

The paper has no legitimate need for that information, and it puts people at risk when that information is released. Cancel this request, and be mindful of the backlash seen in New York before considering going forward.

Fred Lawrence


Hypocritical action

So the BDN wants lists of concealed weapons permit holders. Might I just remind the staff that the BDN and its charities proudly sponsored the Bangor Gun Show for many years. A very hypocritical action in my opinion.

Actions like this undermine the intent of the law and place the permit holder in danger. This is especially true if a person is named, then recognized, and an uninformed person states in a situation such as a robbery, “Pull your gun, shoot him.”

This is a reckless act by the BDN. In other areas where lists have been published, those listed along with their families and property have been placed in jeopardy.

David Melochick


Endangering lives

I am deeply disappointed and quite frankly disturbed at the BDN’s confusing request for the names of all those who possess concealed weapons permits.

Recently, a paper in New York foolishly did this same thing, even going so far as to print a map of all the gun owners. Subsequently, gun owners were subjected to robberies and some of the perpetrators even carried the newspaper’s maps on their person when they were abducted.

As chairman of the Piscataquis County Republican Party, I implore the BDN to exercise some modicum of common sense when it strikes out these vendettas. It’s not just the lives of gun owners this endangers, it’s everyone’s.

Andy Torbett

Chairman, Piscataquis County Republican Party


Liberal banner flying

What really are the motives for the BDN’s acquisition of the list of concealed carry permits for the state of Maine via the Freedom of Information Act? Statistics regarding crime involving permit holders? I think not.

It appears as though the BDN is flying its liberal banner high to possibly counter the dismal circulation it currently experiences. It is a crime in my opinion to desecrate once-living trees with the liberal drivel that is the BDN.

Andrew Jones


End this stunt

Sit up, and pay attention. Regarding the paper’s intent of obtaining information on gun owners — why should anyone believe the paper? The BDN has consistently proven its truth is one-sided with a markedly liberal slant.

Your “no-plans” claim means nothing. Plans change in a heartbeat when convenient or when the paper gets its next marching orders.

Gathering information on law-abiding private citizens is un-American, and the notion of you not releasing it is ridiculous. As evidenced with other publications, it’s probable the BDN will follow suit.

The paper will then become an accomplice to endangering the lives of every citizen in Maine. If the paper says I own a gun, I become a potential target of some crazy vigilante who believes they are protecting people by stealing my firearm.

If not, by omission, all the burglars in the area can assume my house is an easy mark. Whether or not I own a gun is nobody’s business.

All Maine residents should be outraged by this irresponsible behavior. If this is a publicity stunt for political or monetary gain, trust that it will backfire. End this stunt today. It is just plain wrong.

Dena Worster


Touchy cowboys

Wow. These cowboys are touchy. I thought a permit was a badge of honor. Are hunting licenses public information?

Richard Langley

Fort Fairfield

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