June 23, 2018
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Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013: Guns, blizzards and revenue

NRA protection

A blaring headline in the BDN on Feb. 9 read, ” Dangerous storm shuts down Maine.” If that was so, why didn’t Gov. Paul LePage call out the National Rifle Association to protect us?

Carroll B. Knox


Getting to know firearms

I want to praise the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine for putting on the firearms primer for Maine state legislators. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to read comments or statements from people who do not have the least amount of knowledge about firearms.

No matter where people stand on gun-control issues they should at least make the attempt to avoid being the buffoon.

However, some people may still be confused about reciprocity agreements between states for concealed carry permits and the ability of out-of-state residents to obtain Maine concealed carry permits.

Reciprocity refers to Maine recognizing other state’s concealed carry permits as valid in Maine and those states recognize Maine permits. Maine has reciprocity with only a few states. However, about 20 states recognize Maine’s permit without reciprocity on Maine’s part.

Out-of-state residents currently can apply for and receive a Maine non-resident concealed carry permit under the same criteria as Maine residents. So it would be nice to know if Rep. Timothy Marks’ bill is about reciprocity, out-of-state permits or both.

Steven Zahm


“Revenue enhancements”

I smiled when I saw the Feb. 9 political cartoon about Gov. Paul LePage and “revenue enhancements.”

Many younger conservatives won’t recognize the term that came from the Reagan era and that the Republican hero was anything but conservative. President Ronald Reagan was very good at claiming one thing while doing the opposite.

Famous for a large tax cut in 1981, Reagan signed a number of tax increases into law in the following years but spoke of them as “revenue enhancements.”

Among other debacles occurring during his presidency, Reagan was also responsible for increasing the size of the federal government and tripling the national debt.

There’s nothing new about politicians saying one thing and doing another, but when history is selectively manipulated to justify actions, we should be concerned.

We are in a similar situation today with radicals blaming President Barack Obama for economic problems while somehow forgetting that George W. Bush turned a surplus budget into massive deficit spending while doubling the national debt.

My concern is really about those who ignore reality, in the form of history and science. Seeing things as we wish they would be or were does not make them that way.

Regardless if the issue is spending or carbon pollution, we need leaders who will seek out information from experts in the field and respond appropriately. As concerned citizens of a modern world, we need to hold ourselves to the same standard.

Frank John


Survivor, not victim

It took me some time to write this letter after the Jan. 10 article, “ Cushing man with ‘remarkable history’ sentenced to 18 months for domestic assault” about Jonathan Hynd from Cushing, who was sentenced to 18 months because of his “remarkable violent history.”

I would like to thank Justice Jeffrey Hjelm for allowing me to speak at his sentencing as his prior victim from 2007.

Because of the cycle of domestic violence and his history, I did not have the courage to fully cooperate with the prosecutor in 2007. In addition, because of the manipulations, intimidations, threats and coercion, all tactics used in an abusive relationship, I was considered an uncooperative victim as well.

It was healing to speak that day because I felt heard. More important, the public would finally be aware of this violent perpetrator in our community.

I hope that one day, this state will adopt a violent offender registry. I consider myself a survivor rather than a victim, and plan to share my experience to help other women have the courage to come forward and use the valuable resources available in the community that were instrumental in my healing.

I believe that “with courage comes freedom.”

Kelly C. Hynd


Great customer service lost

Learning that the Aubuchon hardware store on Washington Street in Bangor had closed its doors was very sad news. Customer service there was the very best.

As soon as anyone stepped inside, someone would ask if he or she could help find what the customer was looking for.

It was one of those places where a customer could briefly explain the project or describe the item needed and be taken to the appropriate section of the store to make a selection.

Customers were in and out in just a few moments. Pleasant, helpful customer assistance — the best.

Donna Bennett Golding


Many thanks

We were amazed to find our newspaper was delivered during the height of the blizzard.

We certainly didn’t expect a delivery and were pleasantly surprised to find it when we got up. Many thanks to the dedicated BDN delivery people.

Lois Weeks


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