LIMESTONE, Maine — With all the votes tallied, the three Limestone selectpeople who were the target of a recall petition have retained their seats.

Roughly two-thirds of everyone who participated in the Jan. 8 election voted to keep Selectpeople Tom Devoe, Gary O’Neal and Jesse Philbrick on the board.

Of the 287 residents who voted — which is roughly a third of the voters who turned out for the November Presidential Election — Devoe received the highest number of votes to keep him in office at 194 votes, and received 93 votes in favor of his recall.

O’Neal followed a vote behind Devoe, receiving 193 votes not to be recalled and 94 votes in favor.

Philbrick had the highest percent of votes in favor of his recall, which was still only about 36 percent. He received 182 votes in favor of staying on the Board of Selectpeople and 105 to remove him.

The three members of the five-person board were targeted by a recall petition after their votes last summer to fire Paul Durepo as fire chief and to not re-appoint Stacey Mahan as police chief. Both decisions were later rescinded.

The selectpeople will meet next at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 6.