February 18, 2020
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Comments for: Poverty changes how I think

There are many reasons I don’t fit neatly into the world of real poverty. But recently I learned why I have sometimes felt like I’m walking around in the “Twilight Zone”: Despite living with too little money, I still assume I should and always will be planning for… Read More
  • Anonymous

    It’s bizarre that we live in a country that demonize the little that the poor get, when the wealthy and corporations are given so much.

    • Anonymous

      Right on! Why don’t we raise everyone’s taxes so Heather can add some money to her Starbucks card?

      • Anonymous

        So let’s cut taxes for billionaires so they can then shelter it in the Cayman Islands? Let’s keep giving billions in tax subsidies to Exxon/Mobil which already makes record profits in the billions? Heaven forbid a person like this struggling to make the rent might, once in a while, have the chance to spend five dollars at Starbucks as your mutli-millionaire heroes build another oceanfront mansion. We have the most obscene and immoral distribution of wealth in this nation, and you wonder why your TeaPublican Trickle Down party is imploding? They are so out of it that they won’t even help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. If Jesus Christ could see today’s TeaPublicans, he would never stop vomiting.

  • Anonymous

    When you are poor, it’s likely you live one day at a time. Unfortunately, it is hard to dream about a better future when your stomach is growling from not having enough food today.

  • Joseph

    Very well written.

  • Jim LaPierre

    Excellent piece – thank you for this. Having insufificent means understandably constricts perception but you’re right that this is self limiting if we allow it. Kudos to you for maintaining a healthy worldview and healthy priorities. Your daughters are blessed to have such a wise and loving mom!

  • Anonymous

    “However, if the information I need to properly prepare for my future has been given to me, I missed it.”

    Heather, that is because life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

  • Anonymous

    Heather- You need to get a job at Walmart and bide your time until a real career opportunity opens up at McDonald’s or Subway. Climb the ladder girl!

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