June 21, 2018
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Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2012: Christmas, amendments and fiscal cliff

Klose article only solution

Gratifyingly, in the last three days we’ve seen thoughtful, sensible, factual items by four writers in response to the senseless massacre of innocent little children in Newtown, Conn.

First, London-based Canadian journalist Gwynne Dyer, rightly condemns the United States for having more than half of the world’s deadly firearms. Second, David Farmer points out that Maine already has strict gun control laws on the books. But he notes ironically that those rules only apply if you’re hunting animals in the woods. Third, Dr. Erik Steele who quietly and sincerely commends the courageous teachers who risked their own safety to protect their pupils from a madman with an assault rifle.

In my opinion, there’s only one solution and the fourth article, by educator Robert Klose at UMA-Bangor addresses it openly, factually and candidly: Repeal the Second Amendment.

Klose writes that it’s high time to stop the National Rifle Association from directing public policy instead of Congress. And since neither the citizenry, nor the justices, nor the legislators seem capable of understanding the meaning of that Second Amendment, then it’s time to get rid of it.

The word militia does not refer to every frontier-minded fanatic who thinks he has a right to be armed to the teeth. It means a duly-authorized, formally trained military unit like The National Guard.

Along with ridding us of the primary excuse for gun-toting violence in this country, it might help to make English the official language, require teaching it in the schools, and compel anyone who applies for naturalization to demonstrate proficiency in it.

Carroll B. Knox


Christmas PC

I’m reading the opinion of Sondra Siegel and I can’t help but laugh.

Christmas is a Christian holiday but it is celebrated by everyone. How many workers get Christmas as a paid holiday? Does she have a problem with that also? Would she give up a day off with pay because she feels it alienates those who aren’t Christian? Probably not.

The teachers are creating feelings of inclusiveness and belonging by not excluding the children of other cultures. Why is it only politically correct for the majority to have to adapt to the minority and not the other way around? Christmas is celebrated all over the world, should we cancel it to appease a few?

Clifton P. Cyr


Being prepared lessens fear

Since the Connecticut tragedy many people are crying out for answers and for more restrictive laws in the hopes of preventing something of this nature from ever happening again. However I am writing to urge you to remember that freedom is what made America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

We did not earn our freedom by disarming our people and demanding the government solve all our problems. I believe the 10 amendments were numbered according to their importance. Most important is our freedom of religion and speech; second is our right to keep and bear arms.

Without these two freedoms, we will no longer be free. If we throw down our weapons in hopes that criminals will follow suit, we are no longer brave. As a nation let us be brave and fight the problem of violence at its root, instead of taking the easy way out and demanding more gun laws that only the law abiding citizens follow anyway.

The Connecticut shooter was truly a monster at heart. We must face the reality that monsters such as that exist and have always existed as long as history can recall. We must be prepared to fight these monsters just as our homes are prepared with alarms for fire and our cars are prepared for crashes with seat belts and airbags. Danger exists everywhere we turn; only by being prepared we can live without being in fear.

Hugh Landry


Less is more government

I can’t for the life of me think of a better example of why when it comes to the federal government — less is more — than the current headlong rush into the “fiscal cliff.” By its very nature, and proven by history, the federal government, perpetually hamstrung by partisan politics, is less prone to success in tackling hard decisions in a timely manner than is the private sector.

So tell my why would we ever want to let government be any bigger than necessary and control the really important stuff such as health care etc.? Just keep my roads plowed in the wintertime, send somebody when I call 911 and leave the hard stuff to the competent.

Randy Day


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