LINCOLN, Maine — Police are investigating the theft of about $8,200 over two years from a local Boy Scout troop and hope to seek an arrest warrant or grand jury indictment within a few weeks, Police Chief William Lawrence said Tuesday.

A leader in Boy Scout Troop 50 reported to police eight weeks ago that the organization was missing at least $8,000. Detective David Cram approached a suspect shortly thereafter and the man cooperated immediately, Lawrence said.

Lawrence declined to identify the suspect except to say that he “has been cooperative.”

“He is working with us, pointing out to us how the money was taken during that period of time, so that is what we are trying to clear up right now,” Lawrence added. “We are hoping to present our case to the district attorney and seek charges through the grand jury over the next few weeks.”

Lawrence declined to comment on what motivated the thefts. He said the suspect could face felony theft charges.

“The behavior included in the allegations against this individual does not represent the Katahdin Area Council or the Boys Scouts of America,” said Marshall Steinmann, executive director of the Katahdin Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. “Such behavior runs counter to everything for which the Boys Scouts of America stands. Upon learning of this individual’s alleged behavior, we immediately removed him from Scouting.

“The Katahdin Area Council has guidelines and training that address this type of issue and will continue to work with the chartered organization and unit committee on implementing standards and procedures to help prevent this type of incident from occurring in the future,” Steinmann said.