June 25, 2018
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Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012: Same-sex marriage, gun control and Christmas

Campaign slogans

Raising taxes for the rich sounds like a good campaign slogan. Why don’t we simply accept taxation at the level during the times of President Bill Clinton and President Ronald Reagan? Did the rich or the investment institutions suffer then? Of course not. Past knowledge has shown that tax cuts for the “rich” did not stimulate the economy, did not increase investments nor did it reduce national debt, but neither did increase in their taxes.

Tax cuts for the rich is only one of the very many factors aimed to improve our economy and reduce the national debt. Furthermore it is known that money in the pockets of the rest of the population ends up in circulation and thus stimulates the economy. In fact this group is also encouraged to invest, which may not be large by any single individual, but it does add up.

Perhaps a better topic would be “closing tax loopholes” that are being exploited by too many individuals.

Bohdan Slabyj


Disrespectful law

The Lewiston Sun Journal on Dec. 13 wrote that the president of the Maine Town Clerks Association said, “we shall deal with the same-sex marriage law with the utmost respect.” This article had to do with whether town offices needed to make special efforts to be open other than regular times.

The question I have is why did the president of the town clerks association have to make a statement like this? There are good and bad laws and in my estimation this is the most wicked law Maine has ever passed. Why would a government official give a public plea for respect for a disrespectful law? Thousands of Mainers feel this law disrespects the commandments of the holy law in the Holy Bible.

Write Kim McLaughlin, president of the Maine Town Clerks Association, at kmcLaughlin@oobmaine.com. Tell her not to give a public statement that would seem to embrace this unholy law.

Elaine Graham


Ways and means of killing

I see there are already many who immediately have jumped on the gun control bandwagon, and an equal number who have insisted on their right to bear or own guns, in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., tragedy.

Neither the presence nor lack of guns will stop tragedies such as this from happening. A determined individual who wishes to create mayhem, for whatever reason, can and will do what their mind tells them is the rational course of action.

We can take away all the privately owned guns and there are still ways and means of killing. What defense would a single teacher in a classroom of 8- or 9-year-olds have against a determined adult armed with a machete?

If memory serves, well over 100,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda less than 20 years ago with mostly machetes.

What we need is a return of the availability of psychiatric care in a hospital setting with trained psychiatric care workers. In my lifetime I have witnessed the dismantlement of a system that wasn’t perfect, but at least gave people with mental illness a safe haven with the potential for a stabilization of their disease.

Families that are usually the first to recognize the onset of mental instability need the option of finding help for their loved ones.

Options that might have prevented the tragedies we have witnessed in Virginia, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, etc.

Thomas Bonner


Gun control

We need more gun control and less dead children.

Jim Alciere

East Machias

Thanks from the greeters

So many businesses, organizations, schools and individuals have helped us in 2012 accomplish our mission of “expressing our thanks from the Maine troop greeters” to our service men and women who pass through our great city and airport.

You helped us reassure these overworked tired men and women that we still care and support them, until we finally bring them home. We’ll still be there, night and day, at Bangor International Airport in 2013 with the light on, with treats, phones, love and handshakes.

Charles Knowlen


Meaning of Christmas

It is apparent that Christmas is more of a “Happy Holiday” to too many caught up in the politically correct rhetoric, yet people are willing to have the time off from work and school.

We celebrate the Christmas season because of the baby Jesus, who came to Earth to die in our place, with the understanding that heaven will be our home if we repent and ask him into our hearts as Savior and Lord of our lives.

So, Merry Christmas everyone, as you celebrate the birth of the Christ child.

Sharon I. Rideout


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